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New Start Theological Seminary: Renew, Restore and Transform Lives Through Chaplaincy

New Start Theological Seminary (NSTSeminary) is a State chartered 501(c)(3) Seminary in Maryland.  New Start Theological Seminary serves the church by educating and preparing men and women in leadership roles for Chaplaincy.

NST Seminary Chaplaincy Graduates

We need trained chaplins that are called by God to do the work of the ministry. We offer the education you need for pastoral care of the Church, and volunteer Chaplaincy.

NST Seminary Pastoral Care

Depression among men and women can lead to suicide. Join our Pastoral Care program, learn the word and help someone in need. 


Chaplain (Maj) Olga Westfield Overcoming Obstacles

Searching for change in her country, she began to find answers to the life she was living in and God came into her life. She was desperate and contemplating suicide. Westfall said that “God stopped me, turned things around, and knocked my heart so I opened it, and my amazing journey started.”

The Thought of God was Prohibited

Westfall was born in Dnepropetrovsk, found in Eastern Ukraine in the late 60’s. During her time as part of the Soviet Union, the thought of God was prohibited. The Bible was a prohibited book in the country because it contradicted the teaching of the communist party. Those believed in God or religion would be persecuted, killed or thrown in jail.

It discouraged Westfall to see so many people in pain and suffering. At one point, she felt like life had no meaning or purpose.

Challenges Made Her Strong

 “These challenges she faced growing up in a hard country helped develop her into a great counselor,” said Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Danford, 94th Airlift Wing chaplain. “She deeply cares for people.”  Read More

Business Chaplain

Business Entrepreneurship

Follow the call of the Lord into full-time business entrepreneurship! Advance your calling in the world of business and release bring the spirit of Chaplaincy to  the business men and women. 

Release the Holy Spirit Through Business

Business as ministry is designed to release  the Holy Spirit within the student in and through business.

Pastoral Care

Attend New Start Theological Seminary in An Atmosphere of Love, Truth, Honor, and Righteousness

New Start Theological Seminary is dedicated to providing an Evangelical Christian atmosphere of love, truth, honor, and righteousness. 

Train Our Leaders to Believe With An Unwavering Faith

New Start Theological Seminary is committed to educating leaders  who believe in God with an unwavering faith. Matthew 4:19 King James Version (KJV).  And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men

Train Our Leaders to Help Those Who Are Wounded

Become a Professional Chaplain at New Start Theological Seminary in Lanham MD and serve those who need your care the most.

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