Pastoral Care and Volunteer Chaplaincy in Lanham MD!


President's Message

It is with great honor that I welcome you to NewStart Theological Seminary. We thank God for the privilege of serving you in a Postsecondary educational capacity for the ministry and testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. 

The goal of NewStart Theological Seminary is based on the word, "he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” (John 14:26), and Paul's encouragement to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:2) that believers rightly divide the Word of Truth and entrust to faithful men and women to adhere to the charge.  In doing so ministers and leaders will under-stand the Word of God so that they may be able to teach others also. 

History of NewStart

 NewStart Theological Seminary traces its roots to Newkirk Chapel Baptist Church, a small country Church in North Carolina. The family members of former World War II Veteran, Major Alexander Newkirk, established the Church in 1919.  Children at Newkirk Chapel Baptist Church attended the Church school, “Newkirk’s Chapel Elementary School.” The school taught students in  grades K1 thru grade five. The word of God and academia was taught.  The Church as a whole stood firm as a beacon of light for Christianity in the early days. Members of Newkirk Chapel graduated to larger secular schools, but the church still stands today. New Start Theological Seminary is birth out of Newkirk Chapel Baptist Church membership.

NewStart Evangelical Christian

 NewStart Theological Seminary is  a religious educational institution founded and operated by the Church of God. 

NewStart Theological Seminary offers programs of study in religious vocations for members who seek to learn the beliefs of the Christian Faith.  

 Certificates and degrees are offered in religion and chaplaincy.  

 Students from all walks of life and backgrounds can prepare for a Christian education at New Start Theological Seminary. The studies are centered on an evangelical Christian education with the Bible as our foremost authority. 

Life Coaching

Change your reality through Christian Evangelical education at  New Start Theological Seminary.

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Order of Service

 New Start Theological Seminary is presently meeting on Wednesday evenings in Lanham MD.

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